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Don’t Trip without these Tyre Tips

Changing a car type

Follow a few simple steps to change a car tyre in a flash

You are running late for that all-important, early morning meeting; dressed to the nines and rushing through the door, the first thing that greets you is a flat tyre. Or you are driving along at night and out of nowhere you pick up a flat tyre.

Don’t panic!

With a few simple steps you could be on your way in no time:

1 Park Properly

If you are on the road make your way to a safe spot. A well-lit area such as a parking lot, under a street light and busy area are preferred. Avoid dimly lit, lonely areas for safety reasons, especially at night. Activate your hand-brake and make sure the car is in park. Put on your hazard lights.

2 Get Comfortable

This could mean shedding jacket, tie or scarf; a few items of jewellery. Roll up your sleeves.

3 Secure the vehicle

This means ensuring that your vehicle does not move while the tyre is being changed. This means ‘kotching’ the three other tyres with wheel wedges. Large stones will also do the trick.

4 Loosen the nuts

Locate your tools, which usually come with the vehicle. and turn the lug-nuts on the affected tyre counterclockwise until they begin to give way.

5 Place jack under the car and raise vehicle

Position the jack securely in the designated slot just beneath the doors. On most vehicles there is a small groove in which you will place the jack. Ensure that the jack is on a solid surface to avoid slippage. Slowly raise the vehicle until the flat tyre is about six inches off the ground. This will give you enough room to safely and comfortably remove the tyre. You can now safely remove the lug-nuts and remove the affected tyre.

6 Install spare tyre

Remove you spare tyre from storage. This may be below the floor of the trunk, under the vehicle or attached to the rear door, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Mount the tyre and replace the lug-nuts slowing screwing by hand. Ensure that these are replaced correctly. Tighten with your lug-tool. Make sure they are ALL secure.

7 Lower the vehicle

Once ALL the lug-nuts are secure, gently lower the vehicle by turning the jack counterclockwise. Keep your eye on the affected tyre while it is being lowered to ensure that it is safely installed.

8 Stow flat tyre and all equipment

Ensure that you replace all tools and stow the defective tyre in a secure place in the vehicle so that you can repair it.

9 Clean up

Always store a small bottle of water, hand soap, a rag and wipes in your car. These will definitely come in handy in a situation like this.