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AutoSmart offers all the same great protections for motorcycle riders as traditional motor vehicle drivers.

In Jamaica, motorcycle insurance is required by law to operate a motorbike on public roads. AutoSmart is proud to offer a variety of motorcycle insurance plans to suit your personal needs and budget.

Requirements for Motorcycle Insurance

Do you ride a motorcycle? If yes, AutoSmart has the right insurance product for you. AutoSmart's “Motorcycle” coverage plans provide indemnity for riders between 17-65 years of age who are legally licenced to operate in Jamaica.

To qualify for coverage under any of AutoSmart’s motorcycle insurance plans, riders must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Riders must be between 17 and 65 years old with a valid driver’s licence.
  • A strict limit of only two named riders.
  • Proposers/riders with a motorcycle accident in the last three years require a referral.
  • All riders of motorcycles over 500cc must be the holder of a motorcycle driver’s licence or a general licence to include the riding of motorcycles.
  • Motorcycles 600cc and over must be accompanied by an approval letter from the Ministry of National Security.

If these criteria are met, you’re ready to move on to acquiring insurance coverage.

Additional Rules for Riders

Motorcycle drivers in Jamaica are required by law to wear an approved motorcycle helmet. That means a helmet has a hard outer shell, provides full coverage for the face and has an adjustable visor.

Types of Motorcycle Insurance

Here are the three coverage options offered by AutoSmart and what they include:

Our comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy provides you with coverage for your vehicle as well as damage to someone else’s property. It also grants additional protection in the event of bodily injury or death to other persons.

Third Party Only
With our cost-effective Third Party Only Policy, you’re protected from loss against someone else’s property. With this option, there is no additional coverage for damage to you or your vehicle. Under law, Third Party Only is the minimum insurance protection required for motorcycle riders to operate on public roads.

Third Party, Fire and Theft
With our Third Party, Fire and Theft Policy, you’re covered for damage to another person's property, just like the Third Party Only Policy. Additionally, this coverage option provides extra protection in the unfortunate case of a fire or theft of your motorbike.

Importing, Registering and Licensing a Motorcycle in Jamaica

If you’re importing a new motorcycle, make sure to acquire the following documents, as they’re required to get registered, insured and licenced:

  • Valid Certificate of Fitness.
  • Valid Insurance Certificate or Cover note.
  • Sales invoice from Motor Car Dealer, if not privately imported.
  • Copy of Import Entry (C87).
  • Valid ID (Passport, Driver’s Licence or National ID.
  • Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN).
  • Completed application for Motor Vehicle transaction form (MVO1).
  • Pay applicable fees at the cashier.
  • An authorization letter from the individual or company accompanied by a valid ID (Passport, Driver’s Licence, or National ID) is required if a bearer is completing a transaction. The letter must be stamped at the Stamp Office and registered at the Registrar General’s Department (RGD).

By law, all motor vehicles, including motorcycles, must be registered and licenced before operating on a public road. Licensing fees vary based on the type of motorbike purchased and are administered by the Tax Administration, Jamaica:

Type of Motorcycle Licensing Fee
Not exceeding 125cc $3,690
125cc to 500cc $5,580
Exceeding 500cc $8,550

Riders are responsible for a few other fees as well, including:

  • Motorcycle driver’s licence: $4,140
  • Learners Licence* (only required in lieu of a regular driver’s licence if the rider is learning): $1,800
  • Application of title: $1,620
  • Motorcycle fitness fee: $4,500

Motorcycle driver’s licence fees are to be paid annually over a 5 year period.

*Learner drivers are required to display the letter “L” in red, no smaller than 50mm wide and 35mm long and are prohibited from carrying pillion passengers.

Registering new and used motorcycles is very important. When buying a new bike, ensure that it has been properly accounted for by the Tax Administration and that licences are renewed when necessary in a timely manner. This helps keep you and other drivers on the road protected if a motorcycle accident happens


Why Choose the AutoSmart Motorcycle Product?

AutoSmart offers comprehensive motorcycle insurance for bikes up to 12 years old. Any vehicle over this age limit will be reviewed by our motor team, and coverage eligibility and requirements will be at their discretion. Throughout this process, the motor team will help support riders to ensure all requirements are met.

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