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General Accident Announces The Launch Of Their Look.Call.Save Campaign

General Accident Announces The Launch Of Their Look.Call.Save Campaign

In an effort to strengthen their 30 year commitment to Jamaican families, General Accident has launched their Look.Call.Save campaign. This is a call to action for current homeowners to get on board and save on their current homeownersinsurance policy.

The campaign which was specifically designed with mortgage holders in mind, acknowledges the current financial pressures the public faces when it comes to purchasing a home. Most persons tend to facilitate their home purchase through a mortgage, however, because many are anxious and excited to have the mortgage processed they do not pay attention to the homeowners insurance costs which are included.

“Most mortgage holders are unaware that they are in fact paying for homeowners insurance in their payments. They also do not know that they can de-bundle their payments and may  save on homeowners insurance premiums by switching to General Accident”- Andrea Muir Gibbs, Underwriting Manager General Accident

The campaign is straight to the point and has a simple tri-fold call to action.

Homeowners are encouraged to LOOK at their current mortgage statements to identify what they are in fact paying towards homeowners insurance. If this information is not readily available on their statement, they are being asked to speak to their provider. Once they have determined the amount, they are being asked to CALL General Accident to speak to an insurance agent who through a series of questions and calculations can provide them with the amount they can SAVE if they do indeed make the conversion to General Accident.

They can call us to compare what they are paying to what they could be paying if they switched” says Muir Gibbs.

Persons who decide to make the switch can end up SAVING up to 20% on their payments which will accumulate over time into meaningful savings.

In addition, General Accident will be providing customers who make the switch with a $5000 signing bonus.

‘In other words, we will be incentivizing people to start saving-Nadia Mitchell, General Accident Rep

In these uncertain economic times, Jamaican homeowners can hardly afford to overlook any avenue to maximize their savings. The Look.Call.Save campaign is an opportunity for them to do so while still insuring their homes against looming risks. Homeowners interested in putting a meaningful dent in their monthly bill payments should call General Accident today.

For more information, call General Accident at 960-SAVE (7283) or email